Kawalu: A Fasting Tradition of Baduy People

Kawalu Tradition

Baduy people who are indigenous peoples, still maintain the Kawalu ceremony. This Kawalu ceremony is a ceremony performed in welcoming the month of Kawalu which is considered sacred for Baduy people, both by Baduy Dalam and Baduy Luar. The ceremony lasted for three months. And every month Baduy people perform fasting for one day. Overall (in these three months) people performing fast three times.
Kawalu: A Fasting Tradition of Baduy People

Kawalu ceremony is one of the teachings of his belief called Sunda Wiwitan. This teaching continues to be preserved and preserved. It gives them the belief that the Baduy people are a direct or derived descendant of the prophet Adam. Regarding the teachings of his beliefs are more embodied in attitude and behavior. As in interacting with fellow human beings (must be friendly and always maintain courtesy) and in relation to the natural environment that must be maintained and must be preserved. Do not damage and pollute it. According to the Baduy proverb; Lonjor teu menuang dipotong, pondok teu menang disambung, kurang teu menang ditambah, leuwih teu menang dikurang.. The literal meaning is “the length should not be cut, the short should not be spliced, less should not be added, and more should not be reduced”.

Kawalu: A Fasting Tradition of Baduy People
So the meaning of connotation of the proverb, that the traditions or customs Baduy, rules, and preservation of the natural environment Baduy should not be changed should be what it is, as the origin. One example of the manifestation of the proverb, can be seen from the surface of the land upon which the house will be built. The surface of the land, though it is tilted or uneven, by them is not altered at all. Left as it was. That is one manifestation of their respect for the natural environment in which they live. In addition they are not allowed to damage the nature or not at random to cut down trees, especially in the area of springs, with the aim that the water source is maintained its sustainability. They believe that by appreciating, respecting and loving nature, they will avoid the calamity of nature.

Expressing gratitude to god

Kawalu: A Fasting Tradition of Baduy People

Therefore they hold a Kawalu ceremony. This ceremony is intended as an expression of gratitude to God who has blessed his sustenance, either from his craft or his farm. Also as a sense of gratitude to nature that allows them to live on its surface by farming and farming so that they do not starve or not thirsty.

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Always be given balance, because they can appreciate the natural environment. That is what needs to be imitated by people outside the adapt Baduy village. That by appreciating nature means self-respect. By self-respect means that one can appreciate and honor this life. They are always grateful for what they have.

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